United Air Conditioning "Comfort Program"
United Air Conditioning Comfort Program

We offer our low-cost “Comfort Program” Preventative Maintenance Program designed to keep you “Comfortable” year around!
What is included in our 30-Point “Comfort Club” Residential Preventative Maintenance Plan?

These are the benefits you will get when you belong to our “Comfort Program ” Maintenance Plan:
~ Preventative maintenance twice a year (we recommend Spring and Fall)
~ 10% off parts needed to repair your system
~ Guaranteed Service within 24 hours
~ VIP – front of the line Service
~ No overtime rates for after hours, weekends or Holidays!
~ Discounts on Air Quality and system upgrades
~ Fewer Breakdowns
~ Save 15-40% less energy - a well maintained system will use less energy than a neglected one!
~ Warranty – maintains your warranty per Manufacturer’s Warranty expectation
~ Peace of mind !! (Still trying to find mine!!)

All this for:
$120.00 per year for Residential “Split Systems” or $100.00 per year for Mobile Home “Package Units” (per system – discounts given for multiple systems)

We also offer “Pay as you Go” Preventative Maintenance Package which does not include the benefits of the "Comfort Program", for a single "Clean and Service" option as often as you would like.

“Comfort Program” is PERFECT for those that want to maintain their systems and keep them operating to Manufacturers Specifications – and why wouldn’t you want Spring and Fall Air Conditioning and Heating Tune ups, VIP service and discounts on all parts and upgrades.

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"Comfort Program" Residential Maintenance Plan

         30-point tune-ups include:

  • Check compressor and condenser fan motor amps
  • Inspect contact points
  • Check system for proper refrigerant charge
  • Lubricate all moving parts, including bearings & motors
  • Check outdoor ambient temperature at condenser
  • Clean vegetation from outdoor unit, etc.
  • Check capacitor for proper capacitance
  • Inspect all electrical connections and wires
  • Check temperature splits across evaporator coil
  • Inspect all caps and valves for seals and proper snug fit
  • Controls & Safety Devices
  • Check defrost cycle to ensure system can de-ice
  • Check and adjust blower belt if applicable (New belts additional)
  • Check condenser level
  • Check reversing valve operation
    (ensuring the unit switches between summer and winter)
  • Check the Compressor Crankcase heater
    (ensuring the heater works on the off-cycle, keeping compressor warm)
  • Flush and vacuum drain line/pan and evaluate drainage
  • Inspect evaporator coil for cleanliness
  • Add algaecide treatment to condensate pan & lines
  • Visually inspect duct system
  • Check air flow
  • Check heat strip amps, circuit components & safety
  • Inspect blower wheel
  • Visually check for leaks at plenum
  • Check for excessive vibration
  • Check bearings for wear
  • Check filtration – change/ wash filters (customer supplies)
  • Check thermostat operation, mounting and calibration
  • Clean thermostat cover & wipe down equipment exterior
  • Written report of performance and recommendations